NYE 2017 & Reflections.

I can laugh for hours and talk your ear off, but sharing REAL LIFE SHIT with others has always been something that I've had difficulty with FOR YEARS. Since I was young, I wanted people to only see the positive side of myself so that when they think of me, they remember great things. Not only is that hell to keep up with, but I became super critical of myself as life wasn't always peaches and cream (who knows 112?!). 

And though I thought that I had originally loved myself and understood the meaning behind it, it wasn't until I took a step back, accepted that it was okay to not be okay sometimes that I became a version of myself that I never knew existed (in a good way).

I restarted my spiritual journey, began meditating and caring about what I was feeding my mind. I became a huge believer in Law of Attraction and I have never felt better. 

Mentally, I feel like a brand new person. And yes, I know the whole "New Year, New Me" phrase is so played out but I can honestly say that with what I've learned and gained in 2017 will be the reason for my success in 2018 and forward.

Be sure to look forward to my 2018 resolutions post soon! I am so slow, I usually take forever getting my goals in check. :P Better late than never.

I love you. All of you. Let's make 2018 a year full of development, self-love and success.

- Ya girl, 

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