For the past few weeks, I've been stuck on the idea of getting new camera equipment to help create unique and dynamic content for my blog! After 6-7 months of using my new Olympus camera, it was time for upgrade. *queue Beyoncé's 'Let Me Upgrade Ya'*

Since I already have a portrait lens, I wanted to add a lens to my collection that would be great for capturing not only my style, but also for capturing beautiful locations when I travel.

So with the help of a photographer as a brother (@marcusbyrdphoto), I decided to invest in a really good olympus wide-angle lens. If you guys want in-depth blog post on what I use to shoot for my blog and instagram + tips and tricks (@thestyleoffduty), let me know down below!

wearing The Walking Dead Tee  
VERVEgirl leather skirt
ZARA leather kitten boots 
VINTAGE jewelry
RAYBAN aviators


Me and my bestfriend Arsh (@akaur1996) decided to go SF thrifting and exploring and thought it was the perfect time to take out my new addition! She is usually the main one that shoots my outfit photos, so we spent the day shopping and taking photos of each other. 

*BTW, let me know what you think of the new blog design, ;)

Remember to always do what makes you happy - have a great week everyone!