....to be a boss lady? UH YES
The weather here in San Francisco has been so rainy that when we finally (as in 2 weeks straight of rain NO THANKS) had a peek of sunlight, I wanted to wear anything that wasn't a closed toe shoe. :P And because it was a Saturday, I wanted to keep an off-duty vibe so I paired my favorite "Got Goals" Tee that I was sweetly gifted with my favorite mom jeans. #CoolMom
...And speaking of goals, so far I have accomplished the following:

+ Get No Gains In The Gym #TeamNoGainz
+ Law And Order Binge Watching.

LOL no but seriously, I've been revising my goal list every chance I get. Most of my goals for 2017 deal with self-happiness, traveling, and how I can build my blog and my wonderful readers! 

Got Goals? Share them with me down below or on IG: @thestyleoffduty

Gifted "Got Goals" Tee
 BDG Girlfriend Jeans
Chanel Le Boy in Old Medium
Aquazzura Wild Thing Sandals