....Introducing the perfect satin dress.

Happy New Year everyone! *queue new year, new me phrase*
I love the feeling that a new year brings, even if it's bringing nonstop rain along with it also. :P There's something about being excited for a fresh start that gets me so motivated. 2017 is definitely the year of traveling, experimenting, and dedicating myself to my blog and you guys!

Speaking of experimenting, I recently purchased this beautiful, silky, "feels-like-butter" satin dress from Zara; literally one of those pieces where you wish you can just wear it 24/7!  It is normally pretty long (it reaches about my lower calf), so I wanted to experiment by playing with the drapery of the dress to create a more of a flattering look on my shape!
I've also promised myself to get outside of my fashion comfort zone, and lately I've been rocking the off the shoulder jacket trend - my Member's Only leather jacket gave extra texture and edge to compliment my Zara dress and pants! This trend can easily change up your whole outfit - denim, leather, bomber, trench.. you name it!
Equipment Turtleneck Sweater
Zara Satin Slip Dress
Member's Only leather jacket
Zara Moto Leather Pants
Vintage Gold Hoop Earrings
 F21 Suede Ankle Boots