The Floral Blouse.

Long time no blogging! I took a lengthy hiatus to re-brand my blog and to upgrade all my camera equipment, which I'm obsessing over! I went from Nikon to Olympus, and I'm not looking back any time soon! Sometimes hugging around a large camera isn't practical, and so I'm loving my more portable Olympus (Let me know if you'd like to see a photography post)!
With the winter comes darker colors and more rich textures, but I decided to change things up a bit by bringing back 70's floral with this flow-y Zara blouse! The ruffles make for a subtle girly touch, so you can pair it with your favorite denim (like I did with my Zara Jeans), or leather jeans (which I cannot wait to try out next). This blouse is quite light, and I almost froze my butt off but it was worth it. #bloggerlyfe *btw - this blouse is on sale in-store!*
Zara blouse
Zara jeans
Alexander Wang bag (old but similar below)
Forever 21 mule flats


  1. LOVE this look on you! I'm not into florals usually, but this looks great on you. And yes, you MUST do a photography blog post! I need to know more about this Olympus. I want a new camera in 2017 that's not big and bulky, so I would love to hear more about it! Glad you're back to blogging!


  2. I am in love with your blog! Gorgeous girl!