Graphic Tees and Sleeveless Vests.

Breaking the rules by wearing white after Labor Day.

Slowly Fall is approaching to San Francisco and I honestly cannot wait. But in the meantime, taking advantage of this random heat wave has been on top of my to-do list! The sun was out which was perfect, and it gave me chance to wear my new TOMS sunglasses! They kinda remind me of the Dior 'So Real', but these are rose gold (hollaaa). With TOMS new collection, each pair purchased helps those in need with vision treatment! So if I can look chic while helping others, SIGN ME UP! #GiveSight
Enjoying the evening in downtown San Francisco, I decided to try something new - pairing one of my favorite ripped graphic tees (this one is from Levi's - I used to be a stylist there!), with a more refined blazer vest. I was a lil' skeptical because they are two different versions of white, but hey - it looks good suprisingly! And the fact that I didn't need an additional jacket for the evening time made me so happy. #FreeTheArms

 Lastly, (because whenever I'm out with best friend we always do a lot of walking) I worn my current favorite 'BDG' mom jeans and Adidas superstars.

Happy Wednesday! Let's get through the rest of the week together!

 Levi's Graphic Tee
Zara Vest (old)
BDG 'Girlfriend' Jeans
TOMS Sunglasses in Harlen Sherry Crystal
Adidas Superstars


  1. I love this look! I have a white sleeveless blazer that I've had for years and have never worn it. I may have to dust it off!


    1. Dust it off girl! Try pairing it with a turtleneck sweater, or as a layering piece underneath a coat!

      Thanks Inga! :)

  2. Loving the look big time!
    IG @grace_njio

  3. This casual but still very stylish look is my fave!

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