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There were so many people that came out! I saw some familiar faces and it was great to see so many people who truly love what they do showcase their work for others to enjoy with them. And the fact my brother is one of those to be able to was a true moment. 

bro / sis 

Let's head on into this month's recap, March.

Within the past month or so, I've also been finding more time to film (thanks to the help of my boyfriend, Bennett), and have been so happy! Adulting is hard as hell, and finding time to express my creativity nowadays has been a bit difficult but there's always time for things you love! Speaking of, I have recently uploaded a lookbook on how to style my current favorite hat that makes bad hair days non-existent: newsboy hats. 

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I'm currently working on some video projects as I have been more inspired to experiment with
 film-making, so sharing it with you will be very soon.

How's your march? Would love to know some of your highlights of this month or some for the month of April!

- V.
Slowly making our way into the middle of January and I've already found myself swamped with some much to do and projects to create! I haven't forgotten to share with you guys my 2018 goals but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few things that has been giving me some inspo and pieces that I have been eyeing and negotiating with my wallet to buy. Gotta treat yourself right?

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Pixie Market has been on my shopping radar for the past few months and though a few pieces I wanted to get my hands on are now sold out (please come back), I found some that would instantly level up my wardrobe. 

(1) Chase Front Button High-Waisted Jeans (Find the exact ones here)
(2) Smocked Balloon Sleeve Top (here)
(3) Faux Mink Pull Bag - if anything, having this would be enough. (Find it here!)
(4) Teddy Brown Plush Jacket (I've always wanted a shearling-esque jacket (real or faux) and not only is the color perfect with denim, dresses or even leather...I'll become my own teddy bear! (click click here)

*As you can see, I'm definitely riding on the camel tone wave for the spring, but noticed that with being a WOC (woman of color), warmer yet brighter colors like red and orange really make me pop and gives more personality to what I wear! Going to try to experiment more but I love my softer tones! :((

(1) Elliott Sock Boots (Find the exact ones here)
(2) Carla Dolman Top (here)
(3) High Rise Wrap-Front Pants (Find it here)
(4) Striped Halter Jumpsuit (click here!)
(5) Checkered Mini Tea Dress - so cute with lace up sandals! (shop here)

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Love you,

- V.

I can laugh for hours and talk your ear off, but sharing REAL LIFE SHIT with others has always been something that I've had difficulty with FOR YEARS. Since I was young, I wanted people to only see the positive side of myself so that when they think of me, they remember great things. Not only is that hell to keep up with, but I became super critical of myself as life wasn't always peaches and cream (who knows 112?!). 

And though I thought that I had originally loved myself and understood the meaning behind it, it wasn't until I took a step back, accepted that it was okay to not be okay sometimes that I became a version of myself that I never knew existed (in a good way).

I restarted my spiritual journey, began meditating and caring about what I was feeding my mind. I became a huge believer in Law of Attraction and I have never felt better. 

Mentally, I feel like a brand new person. And yes, I know the whole "New Year, New Me" phrase is so played out but I can honestly say that with what I've learned and gained in 2017 will be the reason for my success in 2018 and forward.

Be sure to look forward to my 2018 resolutions post soon! I am so slow, I usually take forever getting my goals in check. :P Better late than never.

I love you. All of you. Let's make 2018 a year full of development, self-love and success.

- Ya girl, 

Hey guys! I've been planning my return back to Youtube for the past few years and though I loved blogging since the age of 13 and love to create posts when I can, I've noticed that not only am I able to produce the type of content here, but I've always had a strong love for the filming/video editing. It feels more real, like I am actually connecting with you through my videos and feel as though I can give more value or more interactive content through video. And that is something that I've always wanted people to experience.

So, I created a quick OOTD Fall Video and I hope you guys like it - And if you do, subscribe to my channel as I'll be uploading more videos very soon!

Happy Holidays to you and your families.-V

As the velvet trend makes a comback this fall,  I realized that I do not own not even one piece of velvet whatsoever. It's such a feminine touch of luxe for the fall that it made me start to think of ways I could incorporate it into my wardrobe! From subtle pieces to wardrobe "IT" pieces, I curated some of my favorite velvet finds that are perfect for fall.

What styles do you like the most? Let me know on instagram (@thestyleoffduty) or leave a comment down below!

- V